Meet the elephants - Chiangmai Elephant Land

Mashaw’s story

Although she is officially 46 years old (as of 2022), her outward appearance and slow and steady gait suggest she may be closer to 60 years. Mashaw is typical of many elephants who have spent a large proportion of their life working in the logging trade. In fact, when she moved to our sanctuary from the Myanmar/Thailand border region in 2018, she had never seen a foreigner or a banana!

Kapa’s journey

Kapa’s story is a little different. Estimated to be about 65 years old, she has spent most of her life working in the nearby communities involving some logging, but mainly tourist related activities. Unfortunately, this was not always a happy time for Kapa as she was passed between several mahouts and exposed to some undesirable practices such as tourist chair riding. During this period, she also conceived on five occasions: her first baby drowned; her second perished in a mountain accident; the third (a male) could not be controlled by the owner and had to be sold; and the fourth died during gestation. Happily, Kappa now has a beautiful baby girly, Bella, and mother and baby moved to our sanctuary in 2022, primarily so her new young mahout owner (Aof) could be closer to his Karen family.

Baby Bella

Meet Bella, our beautiful baby girl who arrived at our sanctuary with her mum in July 2022. Bella is two and a half years old (as of 2022) and very playful. As you can see, she enjoys sharing a meal.